The 30-minute Personal Training Session

According to fitness industry business experts, when it comes to personal training rates “you can expect to pay as little as $20 to well over $100. However, a pretty typical session rate is in the $50 – $60 range per hour” (, 2017).  From my experience in the Rutland Area of Vermont, the going rate seems to be a little under the national average at $40/hour.

Now let’s introduce the growing trend in the fitness world, the shorter 30-minute session.  According to The International Health, Racquet & Sports club Association, the 30 minute session offers three main positives: price, convenience and variety (IHRSA, 2017).

Let’s talk about convenience and variety first.  The 30-minute session can fit into almost anyone’s schedule. For intermediate and advanced level exercise participants, the trainer can ask the client to warm-up before and cool-down after the appointment, and even assign the cardiovascular portion of the appointment outside the 30-minute time frame allowing the trainer to focus the 30-minute session on more technical work. It also works very well with HIIT and CrossFit style workouts, which by definition are intense (hard work in a short period of time).

Now let’s talk about price.  If this model holds, the price of sessions could be afforded at $20-30/30-minute session.  Could you see yourself working out with a personal trainer for $20-30/session?  People spend more than this on one dining-out experience!  Is it worth it to you to trade in one night a week of dining-out for an improved health and wellness status?

Buyer beware, however.  There are some fitness businesses taking advantage of these growing trends while keeping the prices high at the full-hour session rate.  Be sure to ask questions about average personal training rates for the local business area.  If the price is higher, ask if there are special benefits included in the higher price.  Do your homework; research the business and/or the trainers.  Trainers with 1-3 years of experience vs 15-20 years in the industry, clientele background, and specialty areas.  Has your fitness level been assessed so that it is safe for you to warm-up, cool-down, and/or engage in cardiovascular endurance training outside of the session?  Are you given the option to go back to the 1-hour session?

My 30 minute session rates are $25/30-minute session.  Plain and simple.  You don’t have to purchase a massive package of 3 sessions/week for 6 months to get to a $30/session rate.  Let’s make this work for you.  Call me at 802-349-2541 or email and get started today!

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