About Coach Cathy

DBA InBalance Fitness:

Cathy worked her way through college as a certified personal trainer and graduated from SUNY Brockport with an Exercise Science degree. However, her military experience and desire to serve the local community drew her into spending the next 9 years as a Vermont State Trooper until 2014. With a great desire to get back into the fitness industry, Cathy established InBalance Fitness in 2016, a dream come true to own a coaching business.

Now don’t think Cathy didn’t stay in the loop during her 12 year hiatus from the fitness industry. Whether as a Training Assistant at the Police Academy or as a Commander of a military unit, she continued to prescribe programs and coach others around her.

By pursuing a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling with a concentration in Resilience, she takes training to the next level. For her, it’s not just about getting you in physical shape, but helping you mold yourself into the best person you can be.

20 years of military experience, a deployment to Afghanistan, and living the dangerous and strenuous job as a Trooper have shown Cathy adversity. However, as she found out, with the right mindset adversity can be overcome. Utilizing motivational interviewing, understanding the Stages of Change and instructing you on Resilient Mindset Training, you’ll discover that Cathy will bring out character strengths in you that you never knew you had!

Cathy will help you reach your potential.